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Dakota Auto Parts is located at 115 N. Cliff Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57103. Phone Number: 605-336-1595
About Us
Staff available at Dakota Auto PartsDakota Auto Parts started as a humble fur and trade business in the early 1900's. Following the mass production of the automobile, we began selling used auto parts, along with scrap metal, as a salvage company. Soon after that we became a full fledged auto parts store located at 311-313 N. Phillips. Our phone number at that time was simply "1799".

Dakota Auto Parts soon outgrew that location and moved to east 8th Street, to the old Farley Letcher building. That building is now used by the Union Gospel Mission.
In November, 2000, we moved to our current location at 8th Street and Cliff Avenue. At that time, we added several additional delivery vehicles to handle our continued growth. We now operate out of a 21,000 square foot building filled with an extensive inventory. We have eight full time counter staff members and run nine delivery vehicles.

Dakota Auto Parts was first established by the Light family. Maury Maurer worked as a counterman for three years, starting in 1963, before taking control of the purchasing department. Later, he was promoted to President and CEO. Maury continued to work hard and was able to become the sole owner in the early 1980's. Maury retired in 2003, selling the business to his sons.

Max and Dana MaurerThe current owners, Max and Dana Maurer, were both raised in Sioux Falls; growing up in a home on Cliff Avenue just six blocks from our current location.

Max and Dana would like to thank their dad, Maury, for instilling in them a work ethic that helps them continue the hard work and dedication it takes to run a successful business.

"Thanks Dad!"

Dakota Auto Parts is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and carries every auto part imaginable from air filters, brakes, car paints, tools and motor oil.

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